Jeremy Gottlieb

Co-founder and President, ComboCurve, Houston

As one of the co-founders of technology company ComboCurve, Jeremy Gottlieb views the rapid growth of the company as an accomplishment beyond what he and co-founder Armand Paradis anticipated. In a short period of time, the company’s software has become a staple among operators in the energy sector, in part due to Gottlieb’s guidance and optimism.

Why did you enter the oil and gas industry?

“It’s Houston! Oil and gas was the primary industry and the best space for a college grad. Once in the industry, I enjoyed seeing how complex it was and that you could always learn something new, so I stayed. Also, energy is essential to our lives, and I wanted to be part of this ecosystem.”

What is a career milestone you reached sooner than you planned, and what helped you reach it earlier than expected?

“We scaled ComboCurve much faster than I ever anticipated! We had a sheer focus on the product and client, which created a snowball effect with outreach, customer reach and accelerating the business faster than I ever expected. We now have over 200 clients, 130 employees and got our Series A and B funding within months of each other.”

What has helped you develop your leadership abilities during your career?

“The book 'The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership' has encouraged me to grow at listening and inspire my team to empower their challenges and come up with solutions instead of telling them what to do. During Hurricane Harvey, the stark difference in leadership styles demonstrated the leader I strive to be. I saw how we did (or did not) communicate about each other and the team’s safety. Keeping these standards high was and is crucial.”

Who are your mentors?

“Kevin Klausmeyer has been a pivotal mentor and a great person to bounce ideas with as we grew the company; [he], Jere Overdyke and David Jones have always been available and are revered mentors to me. Mentorship has helped me grow from a business and people perspective. Strong mentors have coached me in many ways to succeed where I am today. Great communication was something I picked up from mentorship—my technical skills were strong, but mentorship enhanced my soft skills. It’s all about transparency, communication and always doing what is right.”

What are your short- and long-term career goals?

“Grow ComboCurve to an everlasting software business that continues to help energy companies improve their business decisions—alongside this, making ComboCurve the best place to work in the energy tech space.”

What keeps you motivated and passionate about working in the oil and gas industry?

“I am constantly learning and exploring new technologies that come out. All the daily complexities that arise force us to improve. We can always create more value and be more fantastic partners in the industry.”

What transformations do you think the industry must undertake for it to thrive in the future?

“Constant transformation is essential. Things are good now, but there is much room to automate and look for process improvements across the board. We should continually seek innovation in drilling and completion and do more with less. Finding these ways and creating a clear road map will give respective companies the leading advantage.”

Three More Things

1. I love scotch and cognac tasting. A tour of Scotland is on my list to hit all the distilleries.

2. Grilling is a huge passion; I love grilling for family and friends. If I wasn’t in finance, I would probably have a restaurant.

3. Traveling and exploring new cultures, getting to meet new people and have new adventures is just an amazing experience.