Taking the Pulse of Older Reservoirs

Pulsed neutron logging service for cased hole environment can help operators understand where oil-water, gas-water contacts exist in aging reservoirs.

Machine Learning Expands Subsurface Knowledge from Permian to Offshore Vietnam

Ikon Science's seismic reservoir characterization technology uses machine learning to understand and predict subsurface properties  from the Permian to offshore Vietnam. 

Game On: Interacting with the Subsurface in Virtual Reality

3D visualization technologies up the game for the oil industry’s reservoir modeling.

Seismic Data: Big Gets Bigger

Elastic computing is helping operators work with richer seismic data sets to better manage their reservoirs.

PGS, TGS JV To Conduct 3D Survey Offshore Brazil

PGS, in collaboration with TGS, has secured pre-funding for the Santos Sul project in the southwest Santos Basin.

In the Know, in the Now: Real-time Data Gathering Offshore

From Baker Hughes to Schlumberger, service companies are offering new technologies to offshore operators that use real-time data to optimize wells.

Pantheon Completes Drilling First Horizontal Well on Alaska's North Slope

Pantheon Resources announced the results of its stimulation and flow testing from the Alaskan Alkaid #2 well.

APA Corp. Reveals Resources Off Suriname at Krabdagu Well

Houston-based APA and partner TotalEnergies continue with exploration and appraisal activities in the lead-up to a final investment decision that would be Suriname’s first major deepwater development.

APA’s Rasper Well Finds Water Offshore Suriname

After not finding oil or gas at the Rasper exploration well offshore Suriname in Block 53, Houston-based APA set its sights on the Baja exploration prospect in Block 58.

Halliburton Introduces StrataStar Real-Time Multilayer Visualization While Drilling

Halliburton's StrataStar, part of its iStar portfolio, helps operators maximize well contact with the reservoir and improve reserves evaluation.