UP Energy LLC debuted a revamped image on May 25 that the Englewood, Colo.-based company says better reflects its vision to be the “most responsible and profitable natural gas company in North America.”

Effective immediately, the company, which prior to emerging from bankruptcy in 2020 had operated as Ultra Petroleum, will be known as PureWest Energy LLC. The announcement builds off of a partnership the company formed earlier this year to produce responsibly sourced natural gas from its operations focused in the Pinedale and Jonah Fields of Wyoming’s Green River Basin. 

“We are excited to announce the change to PureWest, bringing alignment between the company’s name and the mission that our board, leadership team and employees have for the company to advance modern life by providing reliable, essential energy produced in a safe, environmentally responsible manner,” CEO Christopher Valdez said in a May 25 company release.

PureWest Energy is a private energy company focused on developing its long-life natural gas reserves. Previously, the company had emerged as UP Energy last year following the completion of the financial restructuring of its predecessor, Ultra Petroleum.

PureWest Energy Asset Map
PureWest Energy’s asset base is comprised of over 115,500 net acres in the Pinedale and Jonah Fields in Sublette County, Wyoming.

Earlier this year, the company launched its initiative building on core ESG values and environmental and operational stewardship goals through a partnership with Denver-based startup Project Canary to certify its production as TrustWell™ certified responsibly sourced natural gas.

“Not only is our focus on providing the market with certified responsibly sourced gas consistent with our shared values, it also aligns with our commitment to all of our stakeholders,” the company’s president and CFO, Ty Harrison, said in a statement on May 25.

PureWest has already initiated the first of several phases of certification on select wells in Wyoming with Project Canary and will also be deploying real-time, continuous methane emissions monitoring on associated production locations.

“We are excited to be part of the developing market for certified gas, which we expect will ultimately position PureWest as the supplier of choice,” Harrison continued.

Valdez also added rebranding marks another key milestone for PureWest that follows two successful acquisitions that consolidated operations on the Pinedale Anticline.

“We are currently producing over 600 MMcfe per day (net), making PureWest the largest producer of natural gas in Wyoming with premium market access via the greater Opal Hub,” he said.

PureWest controls more than 126,000 gross (115,000 net) acres in and around the prolific Pinedale and Jonah Fields of Wyoming, according to the company release.