Average dry gas production increased week-on-week and reached about 92 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) for the report week ending Aug. 9. Demand from power generation rose to 42.5 Bcf/d, an increase of 1.27 Bcf/d from the previous week. LNG net exports from the U.S. were 1.80 Bcf/d higher during the report week. Imports from Canada increased from 5.45 Bcf/d to 5.63 Bcf/d while exports to Mexico rose by 0.1 Bcf/d to average at 5.4 Bcf/d. 

Our analysis leads us to expect a 58 Bcf injection level for the report week. Our expectation is closely aligned to the current consensus of 56 Bcf and more than the 49 Bcf five-year average storage build. 

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