Tyra Redevelopment Heading for Production in March
Location of the Tyra project in the Danish North Sea. (Source: TotalEnergies)

TotalEnergies’ Tyra redevelopment project is still on track for first production by March 31, the company said in a REMIT Regulation posting on the CEGH Platform on Feb. 28.

Work on the redevelopment project in the Danish North Sea is progressing according to plan, the operator said. The redevelopment project was necessary due to natural subsidence of the reservoir, TotalEnergies said.

The Tyra redevelopment includes: decommissioning and recycling the old Tyra platforms; recycling and extending the current platform legs on six of the platforms by 13 m, which will have new topsides; and a new process module and a new accommodation platform.

Tyra II will be equipped with new technologies, including:

  • Sensors that constantly collect data about the status of the infrastructure and equipment at more than 100,000 key points on the platform;
  • Digital tools that measure performance and improve maintenance;
  • Portable digital tools that give teams constant access to systems and data, along with specialized onshore support; and
  • Applications designed for operators to share available data between onshore and offshore teams.

Once the modernization project is complete, Tyra II is expected to produce 2.8 Bcm/year and reduce flaring by 90%.

Ramp-up is expected to take four months, including the time required to repressurize and activate the connecting gas infrastructure. However, TotalEnergies said that capacity variations may occur during ramp-up that could cause ramping up to take longer.

Tyra Redevelopment Heading for Production in March
The Tyra hub serves a number of fields and will produce 2.8 Bcm/year once it’s back onstream. (Source: TotalEnergies)

After production restarts, TotalEnergies said it will gradually re-establish the gas flow from Harald, Svend, Roar and Valdemar, and the wells from the Tyra field itself (Southeast, West and East).

TotalEnergies operates the Tyra field with 43.2% on behalf of partners BlueNord with 36.8% and Nordsøfonden with 20%.

Tyra Redevelopment Heading for Production in March
The TotalEnergies-operated Tyra redevelopment project in the Danish North Sea is expected to begin production by March 31 (Source: TotalEnergies)