A joint venture (JV) comprised of Triangle Energy, Strike Energy and New Zealand Oil & Gas is set to drill the Booth-1 well in the North Perth Basin in Australia.

The Booth prospect, located in a depth of approximately 9,514 ft, is planned to be the first well in the upcoming JV’s drilling campaign.

The well plans to target gas at the Kingia-High Cliff reservoirs with potential for oil or gas in the overlying Dongara and Jurassic sandstones, Triangle said in its April 18 press release.

The JV contracted the Ventia 106 rig to drill the Booth-1 well in Permit L7 in the North Perth Basin. The Booth Prospect has potential for both oil and gas, with a prospective resource range of 113 Bcf to 540 Bcf.

Drilling of Booth-1 is scheduled for late June-July, Triangle said.

The second well in the program, the previously identified Becos oil prospect, has a resource range of 1 MMbbl to 21 MMbbl with a “mid-case” of 5 MMbbl, Triangle said. Becos is located in EP 437 at a depth of just over 3,280 ft.

 Triangle expects to drill Becos in the third quarter of 2024.

Other potential targets for a third well in the L7 permit include the previously unmapped Huntswell Deep, MH-2 Updip and Mountain Bridge South, located in the southern portion of L7.

North Perth Basin
Several other gas prospects in the North Perth Basin are also potential targets for the consortium. (Source: Triangle Energy)