Trendsetter Engineering Inc. completed two Gulf of Mexico (GoM) deepwater well stimulation campaigns for major operators, the company announced Jan. 24.

Both campaigns resulted in the “successful” acid treatments of a combined six wells, in water depths ranging from 6,500 ft to 7,200 ft using their subsea tree injection manifold (STIM). The Trendsetter STIM offers a 15,000-psi rated subsea system designed to provide hydraulic well access for vertical and horizontal trees in up to 10,000 ft of water.

The STIM unit can also support other hydraulic intervention operations, including hydrate remediation, well flowline flushing and testing operations for both pre and decommissioning.

This announcement comes on the heels of Trendsetter using their STIM to deliver hydraulic intervention and technical services for a hydrate remediation and flowline flushing contract in the GoM.