Top 12 IP Wells in Utica Shale

October 2021: EAP Ohio Completes Utica Venture Flowing 33.29 MMcf of Gas, 2,221 bbl of Oil per Day

Larry Prado

Top 12 Utica WellsInitial Flow RateOperatorWell #County, StateLocationComp. Date6,950 Boe/d (41.7 MMcf)Rice Energy Inc.9H BigfootBelmont, OhioSec. 30, Smith TownshipJune 20145,416.67 Boe/d (32.5 MMcf)Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.3UH StalderMonroe, OhioSec. 11, Lee TownshipFeb. 20145,050 Boe/d (28.5 MMcf, 300 boc)5,050 Boe/d (30.3 MMcf)Gulfport Energy Corp.1-12H Shugert1-4H IronsHarrison, OhioBelmont, OhioSec. 12, Warren TownshipSec. 4, Washington TownshipAug. 2012Apr. 20133,282 Boe/d (17.1 MMcf, 432 boc)Gulfport Energy Corp.1H Wagner UnitHarrison, OhioSec. 28, Athens TownshipMay 20123,111 Boe/d (39% NGL, 43% gas, 18% condensate)*Rex Energy Corp.2H GuernseyGuernsey, OhioSec. 19, Millwood TownshipJan. 20133,008.33 Boe/d (9.5 MMcf, 1,425 boc + NGL)**Chesapeake...

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