The Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO) will integrate Texans for Natural Gas (TNG) into its education and advocacy platform, the trade association said March 4.

Formed in 2014 as North Texans for Natural Gas and later expanding statewide in 2017, TNG is a grassroots organization that gives a voice to those who support Texas oil and natural gas production. Since its inception, TNG has attracted more than 400,000 supporters from across the state while also creating industry reports, digital content and research.

“Texans for Natural Gas has always aimed to give a voice to those who support Texas oil and natural gas production, and since its inception, TNG has given hundreds of thousands of Texans the tools and resources to stand up for Texas energy,” Ed Longanecker, president of TIPRO, said in the release.

“Under the TIPRO banner, TNG will emerge as a stronger organization that will enable the group to better fulfill its mission for years to come,” Longanecker continued.   

Under the guidance of TIPRO, the organizations will create the most comprehensive statewide oil and natural gas campaign in Texas, comprised of data, analysis, grassroots engagement and rapid response capabilities designed to provide accurate information about the industry and its unprecedented economic contributions in Texas, according to the TIPRO release.

The timing of the union between the organizations, the TIPRO release said, will fortify both for a “tumultuous year ahead,” with the beginning of the 87th Texas Legislative Session, a new presidential administration and what the group describes as an escalation of efforts designed to reduce oil and gas production in the U.S.

“Anti-oil and natural gas campaigns and unrealistic energy policy proposals have unfortunately increased in recent years, which could have a devastating impact on our nation’s economy, national security, and the livelihoods of millions of Americans that rely on the oil and natural gas sector,” Longanecker said. “It’s incumbent upon our organization to provide a credible source for anyone seeking information about oil and natural gas and our ongoing work to support sound, science-based policies at all levels of government.”

Moving forward, TNG will operate as a resource managed by TIPRO. In the coming weeks, all related TNG websites, social media channels and assets will be updated to reflect this new structure.