Texas RRC Proposes Rules to Ready Natgas Industry for Weather Emergencies

“With 1,000 people moving to Texas each day, the long-term solution for our state’s energy needs is to invest and build more cheap, reliable natural gas-fired electric generation,” Texas Railroad Comissioner Chairman Wayne Christian said.


The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), which oversees the state’s oil and natural gas industries, approved a proposed weatherization rule to help protect Texans during emergencies that could occur any time of the year.

The proposed rule is the latest in a series of regulations to avoid another energy emergency like the February 2021 freeze that left millions of Texans without power, water and heat for days during a deadly storm following the shutdown of an unusually large amount of electric generation and gas pipelines.

The RRC said the proposed rule, approved on June 28, is open for public comment through Aug. 15, after which staff will review comments before commissioners adopt a final rule, which is expected before the end of the summer.

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