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Artificial intelligence has tons of practical uses. It can answer a question you ask, it can help you navigate through heavy traffic, it can drive your car, it can… help track underwater ROVs and give precise measurements underwater?

QYSEA’s AI Diver Tracking and QY-MT are two of the company’s latest additions to its underwater FIFISH robot.

Using their AI underwater image filtering algorithm, the QYSEA AI Diver Tracking allows the FIFISH ROV to identify a diver's movements and conducts real-time automatic analysis, achieving precise underwater visual tracking and serving as a crucial safety measure to keep the robot and divers out of harm’s way.

The QY-MT, or QYSEA Measurement Tool, is a self-developed AI underwater intelligent precision measurement system that also uses QYSEA’s underwater AI visual algorithms.

Designed with customizable shapes and adaptive capabilities for complex underwater environments, the QY-MT can be used to inspect bridges, ships, underwater infrastructure, water resources, hydropower and offshore wind power.

Both of these offerings aim to enhance operational efficiency and change the way underwater inspections occur.

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