Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: Rock Flow Dynamics is a well-known reservoir simulation company and home of the t-navigator. And after COVID, downturns and other things in the industry, the industry is finally coming out of a slump. So how is the company changing from this last year? Find out in this Tech Trends with Hart Energy LIVE.

Vasilii Shelkov, co-founder and CEO, Rock Flow Dynamics: During COVID and all the downturn, we continued to hire people. We grew probably to about 200 developers. We have to follow [the] general trend in the industry. So not only concentrate on oil and gas extraction and develop static modeling, but also on newest trends as net zero. People also like to move calculations to cloud.

JC: What are some of the things you guys are investing your tech dollars in today?

VS: We would like to be faster. We need to be the smartest tool on the market. We would like to present a solution for engineers, geologists, geoscientists. So one-stop kind of software toolkit for everybody. So combining the surface network, static dynamic modeling, so creating [a] more integrated picture about what's going on underground and also above the ground.

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