Long-stroke pumping unit improves lift efficiency

Weatherford International Plc has released a new Rotaflex long-stroke pumping unit that is designed to improve artificial lift efficiency in challenging applications including deep, high-volume and high gasto- liquids wells. The new Rotaflex design extends the functionality of a field-proven technology with more than 10,000 installations worldwide, according to a Weatherford press release. The units apply long pump strokes—up to 11 m (36 ft)—that allow more time for fluids to enter the pump intake before being lifted to surface. By delivering fewer strokes per barrel at a constant velocity, the Rotaflex design increases equipment runlife, mitigates downhole failures and decreases deferred production. The latest version of the Rotaflex unit adds numerous features that improve lift efficiency, including a purpose-built 350-series gear reducer and enhanced top drum. The unit also includes numerous enhancements that improve reliability and maintainability, including a built-in rollback system, greater accessibility, an enhanced lubrication system and a revised ladder system. weatherford.com

New test tree incorporates lighter, more compact design

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has released the Anson 6-in., 15,000-psi compact surface test tree to its portfolio of intervention and stimulation equipment. The smaller, lighter and more compact design was accomplished by using existing valve and swivel technology while incorporating innovative design features to achieve a 20% reduction in length and 14% reduction in weight without any loss of performance, the company said. The unit has a tensile load capacity of 750,000 lb at 15,000 psi and 177 C (350 F) and torque capacity of 40,000 ft-lb in forward and reverse. The flowhead block is equipped with an integrated high-capacity, low-torque swivel, which allows full rotation of the string independent of the surface flow tree. The swab and master valves are oriented through 90 degrees to allow a balance stem to be included, providing true “fail-as-is” functionality and allowing a smaller double-acting hydraulic actuator. The flow and kill wings share a single port on the flowhead block, allowing the weight and space envelope to be reduced further. nov.com

PCM helps detect and predict corrosion issues

SGS and Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), have announced a strategic alliance agreement for the joint deployment and commercialization of BHGE’s real-time software and sensor-based Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM) solution, according to a BHGE press release. Leveraging the capability of the Industrial Internet of Things, PCM will enable asset owners to increase their ability to monitor facilities as well as detect and predict corrosion issues using real-time data powered by BHGE’s ultrasonic sensing technology and advanced analytics. PCM generates wall thickness and temperature measurements from Rightrax PM ultrasonic sensors placed on critical equipment such as pipes, tanks and vessels; the solution applies advanced analytics, resulting in real-time assessment of data, which traditionally has been gathered through risky and time-consuming manual inspections. In addition, PCM can help with challenges involving corrosion-related risk and can help asset owners benefit from enhanced plant reliability and integrity programs, while maximizing operational safety and extending asset life. bhge.com

Three shaped cutters feature variety of benefits

Varel has introduced three new shaped cutters to its PDC drillbit features: SCOOP, TRIFORCE and FANG, a company announcement stated. The SCOOP is a concave- shaped cutter that provides lower energy requirements to fail the rock due to the cutter’s efficient shape. Equivalent ROP can be obtained with lower-than-normal forces, which reduces torque and improves toolface control. The TRIFORCE cutter with leading-edge geometry creates a stress point in the formation to prefracture the rock. The FANG is a sharp-edged cutter designed to be active and prefracture the rock as a backup or secondary cutter. vareloilandgas.com

Software accelerates reservoir/subsurface model development

Emerson has released the Paradigm 18 integrated software solution suite, which runs on a unifying platform for generating high-resolution images and models of the subsurface. This software includes advanced technologies that use reservoir intelligence to help users improve performance, enhance operational certainty and support effective asset management, according to an Emerson press release. Designed to optimize result accuracy while allowing users to work faster and more productively, Paradigm 18 offers artificial intelligence capabilities that enable quick and reliable identification of geologic facies from seismic data and wellbore data. In addition, it features seamless unification of the user interface and data management, from seismic processing to interpretation and modeling, enabling faster results with less effort. It also has support for cloud hosting, allowing remote teams to work together. The software includes high-resolution processing, imaging, interpretation and modeling geoscience software, delivering more accurate subsurface models. emerson.com/paradigm

Geoscience technology accelerates exploration efforts

CGG GeoConsulting has launched the Robertson New Ventures Suite, an integrated and digitally transformed family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases for global new ventures screening and frontier exploration, according to a press release. The six core products of the suite are Basins & Plays, Geochemistry, Plate Kinematics, Predictions, Provenance and Analogues. Built on the brands of Tellus, Frogi, Plate Wizard, Merlin+, ProvBase and ERGO, the updated products have been integrated and renamed as part of GeoConsulting’s ongoing GeoVerse digitalization program that is providing a common architecture and taxonomy across the New Ventures Suite, allowing optimum interoperability and a broad range of exploration workflows. New Ventures teams can make quicker and more effective decisions by using this suite to interrogate one of the industry’s richest sources of geoscience data and knowledge. Whether licensing the whole suite or individual components, exploration teams can access these integrated databases to better identify, understand, evaluate and de-risk emerging opportunities and plays so they can acquire the right acreage and increase their success rates. cgg.com

Improved crane system reduces the risk of dropped loads

Keppel LeTourneau has released an Anti-Two Block system (A2B) that can be modified to fit most cranes in the market, according to a company press release. Weighing under 50 lb and with a compact body, the newly designed A2B can be installed on all LeTourneau cranes and is customizable to other brands upon request. It has an expected lifespan of more than 10 years and is made of forged stainless steel and high-impact polymer to resist corrosion. The A2B utilizes a dual chain suspension system that ensures it is highly resistant to spinning, thereby preventing it from being dragged up by the wire rope. In addition, the wide stabilizing arms cater for high winds, and pitch and roll motions. The A2B is equipped with versatile and reliable sensors. The redundant NAMUR proximity sensors are integrated in an easily replaceable cap, and the activation of limit sensors is not dependent on chain length or weight unlike other A2B designs. keppelletourneau.com

Optimized marine compressor range equipped with thermal mixing valve

TMC Compressors of the Seas has developed and released a new marine compressor range for use onboard vessels, according to a company press release. The crux of the new range is higher capacity output of control and service air but with lower energy consumption and service requirements, resulting in lower opex and harmful emissions to air. TMC has smaller units of 35 kW up to large compressors of 360 kW, which are typically used onboard drilling rigs, FPSOs or other vessels. The new compressors also are equipped with a new thermal mixing valve that provides accurate and effective cooling of the compressor, adapting to the environmental conditions. A new inlet valve with integrated control air components reduces the number of hoses to a minimum, which increases maneuverability when conducting maintenance work on the compressor. The entire range also has new and improved filters that ensure less oil carryover and significantly cleaner air. tmc.no

Fluid rotary union minimizes torque

Moog Focal has released its latest pneumatic and hydraulic fluid rotary union (FRU), according to a press release. The Model 810 FRU is designed for industrial, defense and marine applications where multiple fluid passes need to be transferred across a rotational interface. There are a number of design options, depending on the application. The standard Model 810 FRU is available with two or four threaded ports of size ½ in. or ¾ in. A ½-in. on-axis bore enables easy integration with an electrical slip ring, fiber-optic rotary joint or both. The Model 810 utilizes sealed-forlife rolling element bearings, ideal for long endurance applications, and are low maintenance. Filled polytetrafluoroethylene- based seals run on a hardened surface to provide long service life, minimizing frictional heat generation and operational torque. For marine applications, the Model 810 is available in hybrid and fully stainless steel versions for added corrosion protection. This FRU can be easily combined with Moog electrical and optical slip rings, contains pass isolation and cross-channel flow prevention, and has been tested up to 5 million revolutions. moog.com/focal

New alloy improves strength, ductility properties

Dura-Bar has released a new ductile iron grade, Solution Strengthened Ductile Iron (SSDI), according to a company press release. With improved strength and ductility, SSDI is an excellent alternative to 1045 steel used in a wide variety of oil and gas and fluid power applications. One of the key features of SSDI is the enhanced machinability due to the addition of silicon. Machining trials have yielded minimum productivity increases of approximately 30% with no negative impact in tool wear. SSDI has a minimum tensile strength of 75,000 psi, a minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi and a minimum elongation of 15%. SSDI also has a tightened Brinell hardness for consistency throughout the material compared to other similar ductile iron alloys. SSDI is an ideal choice for rotors used in air and natural gas compressors as well as hydraulic manifolds and cylinders used in fluid power applications. SSDI is initially available in 1-in. to 9-in. rounds, 3.25-in. and 3.75-in. squares as well as 6.25-in.-by- 7.25-in. rectangles. dura-bar.com

Pipeline tools protect tubular objects from corrosion

Designed to prevent corrosion of pipelines and extend a pipeline’s structural life, Cortec Corp.’s Corrologic Corr- Caps powered by Nano VpCI (vapor phase corrosion inhibitors) are heavy wall black polyethylene pipe caps containing proprietary VpCI. By providing multimetal corrosion protection, CorrCaps protect pipe threads, pipe ends and other tubular objects from corrosion, mechanical damage and contamination during transit, handling and storage. Tough and durable, CorrCaps are specially designed for easy installation and removal. They offer protection all the way to the last pipe thread and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any standard pipe diameter. In addition, Corrologic Tube Strips powered by Nano VpCI also are designed for protection of tubes, pipes or conduits in storage or during shipping. Using VpCI technology, Corrologic Tube Strips make it possible to protect the interior of a tube or pipe against corrosion without expensive internal coatings. The flexible strip has an 8.5-mm (⅓-in.) diameter. It is extruded from low-density polyethylene containing a proprietary VpCI compound designed for protection of ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys. Tube Strips are especially effective on more expensive stainless steel and aluminum pipes. cortecvci.com

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