Industrial manufacturing company StimStixx Technologies Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Hunting Titan Inc., a manufacturer of logging and perforating equipment, to advance well perforation and acidization technologies, according to a Feb. 6 news release.

Synergies between StimStixx and Hunting will enable the increased treatment of more wells annually, StimStixx said in the release. The increased scale of operations will also “significantly” reduce costs associated with the acidizing processes in the oil and gas industry.

StimStixx said its custom blends of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride tools will be available to clients to acidize new perforations as well as existing intervals to increase production.

The collaboration will extend StimStixx Technologies’ global distribution network and “foster development of integrated acidizing and perforating technologies,” StimStixx said in the release.

“We are excited to be working with Hunting Titan Inc., providing cutting-edge technology that not only makes wireline a full-service solution in the industry but also aids in the efficiency and expediency of the process,” said Jordan Brennan, StimStixx president and CEO.

Jason Mai, managing director of Hunting Titan, said the partnership will enhance operational efficiency and scalability for well perforation and acidizing.

Mai said the collaboration “not only contributes to significant cost reduction but also aligns with sustainability goals, marking a pivotal advancement in the completions sector. The industry can expect improved wireline services, greater efficiency, and streamlined processes."