Missouri-based Spire Energy said Jan. 10 it has teamed up with public utility KC Water to capture methane from a wastewater treatment plant to develop the first renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in Kansas City, Missouri.

The project, which has already been approved by the Kansas City Council, will repurpose biogas from the city’s Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant into RNG, according to Spire. The public utility holding company will build the facility. Spire also said it plans to add the RNG generated at the facility to its natural gas supply for customers.

RNG is formed when contaminants such as CO2, water and hydrogen sulfide are removed from methane. The removal elevates the gas into pipeline quality, enabling it to be blended into existing natural gas distribution systems and used in the same way as fossil gas.

RNG is seen as a low-carbon intense route to decarbonization.

“By capturing emissions that otherwise would be emitted into the air, the project will assist KC Water with improving air quality near their wastewater facility,” the news release states. “KC Water estimates it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 20,000 tons of CO2 equivalent per year. The partnership will also generate approximately $1 million of revenue for KC Water per year.”

The facility is expected to produce 0.3 billion cubic feet (300 MMcf) of natural gas per year, enough to power 4,300 homes in the Kansas City region, Spire said in the release.