Sinopec (China Petroleum & Chemical Corp.) completed the drilling of Fushen-1 Well, China’s deepest geothermal exploration well located in Hainan, South China.

Fushen-1, started in August 2023, has a depth of 5,200 meters.

Sinopec said the project has allowed adoption of technologies including the combination of dual-drive drilling and high-pressure injection to reach the temperature limit of hot dry rock under national energy industry standards.

Sinopec Completes Drilling China’s Deepest Geothermal Well
Sinopec completes drilling of China’s deepest geothermal exploration well at 5,200 m. (Source: Sinopec)

Hot dry rock geothermal resources within the range of 3 km to 10 km underground China, is equivalent to 856 trillion tons of standard coal, according to China’s geological surveys.

Two percent of extracted geothermal heat can reach 2,993 times the energy consumption of China in 2023.

Sinopec plans to carry out extensive research and field tests at Fushen-1 to establish the first platform integrating research, education and experimentation of deep geothermal in South China to help achieve the dual-carbon goal.