Shell Brazil and Saipem, an Italian oil and gas industry contractor, will together launch commercially the FlatFish project, an R&D venture undertaken by Shell and other partners.

FlatFish is an AUV dedicated to the inspection of subsea structures and pipelines. This project was conceived in 2014, and it was a finalist in 2017 for the Brazilian Petroleum Agency’s Technology Innovation Award.

This announcement was made in late February 2018 after Shell and Saipem signed an agreement for the industrial production and commercialization of the AUV. According to Shell Brazil, FlatFish is expected to be available commercially in 2020.

“The signing of this agreement is a landmark for FlatFish. The great challenge in research and development is to turn invention into innovation, i.e. to deploy high-impact results into the field and promote benefits to the society,” said Tom Moroney, vice president for deep water and wells technologies for Shell. “We are taking that leap, and I am sure much more is coming in the future.”

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