SCF Partners Inc. announced its acquisition of Entegris Inc.’s pipeline and industrial materials business (PIM) on March 4. A leading supplier of advanced materials and process solutions for high-technology industries, Entegris’ PIM operations consists of three businesses: Flowchem, Val-Tex and Sealweld.

Houston-based Flowchem was founded in 2001 and is a supplier of drag reducing agents, which optimize pipeline flow and increase throughput capacity. Drag reducing agents help infrastructure operators reduce energy consumed during pumping, reducing both costs and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Val-Tex and Sealweld, founded in 1962 and 1969 respectively, provide valve maintenance products, such as sealants, lubricants, fittings and injection equipment, as well as maintenance and emergency leak repair services.

“Flowchem, Val-Tex, and Sealweld have built customer trust over decades of delivering specialized products and services that make infrastructure operations safer and more efficient, while reducing both costs and emissions,” Dan West, director at SCF Partners, said in a press release. “Aging midstream infrastructure and rising utilization further augment the need for these solutions. Together with the leadership team, we look forward to creating value in the company’s next chapter of growth.”

A dollar amount for the transactions was not disclosed.