Energy transition company Castalune International LLC and Quantum Energy Partners platform 547 Energy LLC will partner to provide a comprehensive analytics suite to aid in the decarbonization of the global energy sector, according to a press release on Aug. 16.

The partnership will work to expand Castalune's NetZero Optimizer proprietary analytics program at an accelerated pace, as well as the number of services available to customers through 547 Energy's investing and execution capabilities.

Additionally, it will further allow the company to provide services globally in decarbonization verticals such as onshore and offshore wind, onshore and floating solar and energy management.

Through the collaboration, Castalune will provide critical information to support 547 Energy's investments as it expands its investments across technology classes and geographies, creating opportunities for meaningful value-creation by optimizing commercial, technical and capital allocation decisions at each stage of an asset’s lifecycle, the release stated.

“The ability to create and properly utilize next-generation analytics will be a key differentiator for clean energy investors in the coming decades, particularly as the sector continues to mature and increase in its level of competition,” 547 Energy’s founder, president and CEO Gabriel Alonso said in the release.

“Our partnership with Castalune provides 547 Energy with another unique set of capabilities to drive asset and investment performance across our existing portfolio and in new frontiers.”

Created by Castalune co-founders Rob Miller and Zach Power, the NetZero Optimizer provides investors with a data-driven framework for decision-making at each stage of the asset lifecycle. This process maximizes interactions between variables, such as local and regional weather conditions, generation, load, physical infrastructure, commercial structures, wholesale commodity markets, congestion, emissions profiles, and project financing.

Using this process, customers can navigate changing markets confidently while increasing value for their own customers and stakeholders.

“The adoption of software and data to make better energy infrastructure decisions has lagged behind the technical capabilities of modern tools, such as those we developed at Castalune,” Miller, who is also CEO of Castalune, commented.

“We are excited about the opportunities provided by partnering with 547 Energy, who has the vision to understand the power that modern technology has to enhance, optimize and ultimately deliver differentiated clean energy solutions.”