A fire that broke out on a Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) platform in the Gulf of Mexico killed one worker and injured 13 others, Mexico’s state-owned oil company said.

Pemex reported the fire on April 6 at its Akal-B Process Center (Akal-B1) in the Campeche Sound in the Gulf of Mexico.

Several of the injured workers are in serious condition, including one worker from Pemex and another from Coter, a Mexico-based company that specializes in the installation of removable thermal insulation.

Initially, Pemex had reported nine workers injured, all with non-serious injuries. The initial statement also said that the fire only lasted for approximately 15 minutes—from 4:48 p.m. to 5:04 p.m.—before being controlled by the company’s emergency response plan. 

Pemex said that the fire broke out in an area where pipelines that handle gas are located. The company did not detail the extent to which the blaze would affect supplies. Pemex said an inspection and evaluation of the area continues to discover the fire’s cause and to restart operations of the process center.


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