Baker Hughes Co. and C3 AI unveiled a new partnership earlier this month with global oil major Royal Dutch Shell Plc and U.S. tech giant Microsoft for the launch of a “first-of-its-kind” open ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions for the energy and process industries.

Following the announcement, Dan Brennan, vice president of at Baker Hughes, and Ed Abbo, president and CTO at C3 AI, joined Hart Energy’s Jessica Morales for a look behind the launch of the Open AI Energy Initiative.

The Open AI Energy Initiative provides a framework for energy operators, service providers, equipment providers and independent software vendors for energy services to offer interoperable solutions, including AI and physics-based models, monitoring, diagnostics, prescriptive actions, and services, powered by the BHC3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure.

In this video, Brennan and Abbo describe how the network of data works akin to an ecosystem and say there is hope this will help the industry’s quest for cleaner, safer energy.

But, in that quest will the energy workforce need to adjust to these AI solutions? For the answer to this question and more, watch the full video or jump to a specific topic using the timecodes below.

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  • Why extend this into an ecosystem (0:40)
  • The scope and focus of this initiative (3:04)
  • The quest for cleaner, safer energy (6:11)
  • Contributing to a more open, digital industry (9:18)
  • Energy workforce adjustment (11:46)
  • Working with existing software (14:28)
  • Industry’s path forward (17:43)