NGL Energy Partners LP has collaborated with XRI Holdings LLC to advance full cycle produced water management across operations in the prolific Delaware Basin, the company said on Feb. 2. NGL owns and operates the largest integrated produced water pipeline system in the Basin where it currently manages over 1.8 million barrels per day.

XRI is the largest produced water recycling company in the Permian Basin, employing innovative practices and patented treatment technology, and managing total water volumes in excess of 1.2 million barrels per day.

This collaboration will benefit from each company’s unique characteristics by leveraging existing infrastructure assets, technology, and experience. Supported by NGL’s large volumes of produced water resource and XRI’s specialized recycling expertise, this collaboration will address the greatly increasing demand for sustainable use of produced water in our customers’ completions activities.

The flexible, non-exclusive nature of this joint effort allows each company to continue to operate produced water reuse and recycling activities independent of one another.

“NGL remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering full-lifecycle water management for our customers while remaining focused on the environment and the sustainability of our operations,” Doug White, executive vice president of NGL Water Solutions, said. “We have created a set of capabilities unmatched in the industry. As a leader in produced water management, we believe this approach will be the best way for us to continue to provide safe, efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers. The collaboration with XRI will enable each company to focus on its individual strengths, maintain capital spending discipline, and gain economies of scale that provide cost benefits to customers. The result is a win-win for the environment and the industry.”

NGL owns and operates the largest integrated network of large diameter wastewater pipelines, disposal wells and produced water handling systems in the Delaware Basin. NGL’s Water Solutions segment operates in several of the most prolific crude oil and natural gas producing basins, including the Delaware, Midland, Eagle Ford and DJ Basins.

XRI is the leading water resource management and optimization company focused on the recycling and re-use of produced water for the upstream oil and gas industry, providing critically important ESG solutions to its franchise-quality customers. XRI maintains over 400 miles of midstream infrastructure, patented treatment technology, and more than 30 recycling facilities in the core operating regions of the Permian Basin.