The International Energy Agency reported in its World Energy Outlook 2017, “A new gas order is emerging, with U.S. LNG helping to accelerate a shift toward a more flexible, liquid global market.”

U.S. LNG exporters are certainly turning world markets topsy-turvy. Since Cheniere Energy Inc. began commercial operations at its Corpus Christi Train 1 in Texas in 2016, the U.S. has overtaken Malaysia as the third largest exporting country.

“The U.S. has truly been a game changer for the industry. We think that U.S. LNG competition has resulted in a more dynamic, more competitive and
more resilient trade system, which is good for everyone,” said Andrew Walker, vice president of LNG strategy and communications for Cheniere, at last
fall’s Gastech Conference in Houston. “It is making LNG more abundant, more affordable and more secure for buyers.”

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