Midstream Business - March 2020

Midstream Business Magazine - March 2020

The midstream entered 2020 after a tough stretch, in light of the E&P sector's struggle, but Paul Hart, editor-at-large, hopes that investors will begin to see the midstream as a different type of investment worthy of consideration. The source of hope is exports, and this issue of Midstream Business focuses on that "most promising area of the sector."

Particular topics include:

  • Trends in the U.S. export market, including crude, NGL and LNG exports, as 2020 begins.
  • How growing U.S. LNG exports affect the global gas market.
  • The need for more U.S. export terminals, especially those that handle VLCCs.
  • An interview with Rod Sailor, president and CEO of Enable Midstream Partners LP.
  • The diminished presence of incentive distribution rights.

Cover Story

The Promise Of Exports: Midstream Bright Spots In A New Decade

Familiar challenges remain, but growing export markets buoy the midstream.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Look Twice

Times have been hard for the midstream, but exports promise a brighter future.

Construction Update

Coast With The Most

Work on storage and export facilities on the water ramped up as 2019 came to a close. 


'A New Gas Order'

Global U.S. LNG exports reshape the world's market for gas.

Answering 'A Sea Change'

Export terminals make sales to foreign markets work—and the U.S. needs more of them. 

Feeling The Chill

New waves of U.S. LNG capacity may go flat as the worldwide market for the fuel becomes well-supplied. 

Filtration: The 'First Line Of Defense'

Multi-element, automatic self-cleaning strainers optimize production processing when minimizing maintanence and downtime.

IDRs Near Extinction

Incentive distribution rights aren’t gone but prove increasingly rare. 

Pipeline Theft

Combining technologies allows operators to stay ahead of sophisticated thieves.

Upstream, Midstream: An Interview with Rod J. Sailor

The two sectors must work together for their mutual success, said Enable Midstream Partners LP's president and CEO.

Regulatory Review

Regulatory Review: Working Around The Election

Even before its conclusion, the 2020 election will have impact on industry, including the midstream.