Milestone Environmental Services LLC recently acquired an energy waste landfill permit in Panola County, Texas, for disposing of non-hazardous waste streams generated from oil and gas operations in the Haynesville Shale.

“Development of the Panola Facility will compliment Milestone’s fast-growing and strategic energy waste management portfolio and enhances our efforts to Clean Up EnergySM by preventing soil and groundwater contamination, while also reducing our customers’ greenhouse-gas emissions,” Milestone President and CEO Gabriel Rio commented in a company release on May 24.

Terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed. The permitted location in Panola County is about 11 miles southeast of Carthage, Texas, and 18 miles northeast of Milestone’s active slurry injection facility outside of Center, Texas.

Development plans are underway for the future site, which will ultimately be expanded to include integrated slurry injection and landfill waste management operations, according to the release.

Milestone Environmental Services Panola County Texas Permit Map
The permitted location for the energy waste landfill is in the heart of the Haynesville Shale, located about 11 miles southeast of Carthage, Texas, and 18 miles northeast of Milestone’s active slurry injection facility outside of Center, Texas. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Milestone is one of the largest independent providers of energy waste sequestration services in the U.S. with assets throughout the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale and Haynesville Shale. The company currently operates seven slurry injection facilities utilizing a proprietary process that is both an economically efficient and environmentally superior method for oilfield waste disposal.

The future Panola Facility will provide E&P operators in the Haynesville Shale with an efficient and environmentally sustainable option for disposing of their non-hazardous waste streams as the reinjection of hydrocarbon-contaminated waste is a form of permanent carbon sequestration, and thus materially reduces the carbon footprint of oil and gas operations.

“The secure domestic supply of natural gas is crucial to the global economy and U.S. national security, and the increased use of natural gas is one of the most impactful green initiatives on the planet,” Rio added in the release. “The Haynesville Shale continues to be one of the most prolific natural gas basins in the U.S., and Milestone is excited to expand our infrastructure in the basin to enable our customers to increase their gas production in an environmentally responsible manner.”

In addition to reducing carbon footprint, Milestone said its disposal methods enable E&P operators to avoid soil and groundwater contamination risks associated with onsite disposal methods that dispose of waste above the water table. Furthermore, Milestone’s two solid energy waste landfill disposal facilities are engineered to prevent contamination of soil and groundwater by using the most advanced protective technologies. Redundant liners, leak detection systems, groundwater monitoring wells, and rigorous maintenance programs are employed to meet or exceed the latest permitting requirements.