Data service provider MicroSeismic Inc. on Aug. 25 named company founder Peter M. Duncan CEO and Gary Hargraves president and COO, according to a company press release.

While continuing in new technology development and promoting the company offerings' economic and environmental benefits, Duncan will help develop the company's new KarstAlert sinkhole monitoring and CO2SeQure carbon capture and storage monitoring technologies.

As president and COO, Hargraves will help the company modernize its core business offering while exploring and developing MicroSeismic's ventures into the sinkhole and carbon sequestration markets.

"Over the last 20 years, I have seen the industry and our business change and change again. The current environment offers many new and exciting opportunities for the application of MicroSeismic technologies we have grown and brought into practice," Duncan commented in the release. "Gary brings the perfect mix of talent and experience to lead us into this new age and these new markets.”

With over 20 years of digital services experience, Hargraves held positions at Wipro and IBM, where he led teams and projects to grow Wipro's digital oil and gas and mining business, as well as define IBM's early blockchain and Internet of Things solutions.

Most recently, Hargrove helped develop ESG and carbon tracking solutions with information technology company Capgemini, which were used to monitor the hydrocarbon value chain.

While serving in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, he earned his bachelor's degree in information and operations management studies at Texas A&M University.

“It is such an honor to join MicroSeismic, a company that for almost 20 years has used industry leading passive seismic technology to protect the investments their clients have made in unconventional resources," Hargraves said.

"I look forward to contributing as MicroSeismic continues its growth as a world leading data and IoT company with a continued focus on protecting our clients’ investments, the integrity of their operations, and helping ensure environmental compliance and hazard mitigation," he continued.