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A private seller has retained EnergyNet for the sale of a Williston and Powder River basins 247 well package in Sheridan, Montana, Burke and McKenzie counties, North Dakota and Campbell County, Wyoming. The lot# 114078 package includes a gross production average of 12,000 bbl/ month.

(Source: EnergyNet)

Opportunity highlights:

  • Package includes producing conventional oil wells primarily from the Alexander, Dwyer, Flat Lake, Goose Lake, Rival and Rocky Pointe fields
    • Op wells average Ownership of ~78% WI & ~60% NRI
  • Gross production avg. 12,000 bbl / month
  • Avg. gross revenue of $619,400 / month
  • ~52,452 net leasehold acres (99% HBP)
  • 2024E PDP net production of ~114 Mbbl
  • PDP net reserves of 942 MMbbl
  • Strong PDP PV10 of $10.5 MM
  • Production primarily sourced from Stonewall, Bakken, Ratcliffe, Red River, Madison Pool, Minnelusa reservoirs
  • Stable production profile with wells exhibiting average terminal decline of 5%

Bids are due March 12 at 4 p.m. CST. For complete due diligence, please visit, or email Ethan House, managing director, at, or Jessica Scott, buyer relations, at