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A private seller is offering a high-interest minerals opportunity in the Southern Midland Basin. This lot includes 6,510 Net Royalty Acres (100% minerals), ~7MM in NTM cash flow from 22 producing hz wells and 10 hz DUC's and permits, offering line-of-sight growth through mid-2024. The private seller has retained Detring Energy Advisors as its exclusive advisor relating to the transaction.

Private Seller Southern Midland Basin
(Source: Detring Energy Advisors)

Asset Highlights:

  • $6.8MM NTM Cash Flow; PDP + Line-of-Sight
    • Active growth underwritten by high-interest DUCs (2) and permits (8)
    • Average RI of ~5% across imminent near-term locations
  • 27 producing wells (22 horizontal) provide a stable cash flow
    • Net Prod: 290 Boed (71% liq.)
    • PDP PV10: $14MM
  • 6,510 Net Royalty Acres; 100% Minerals | 6.7% Avg. RI
    • Dense NRA per section provides
      material uplift with every new well or
      pad developed across the position
      • 8 section gross footprint of 5,120
        acres with high unit royalty interest
        ranging from 2.8%-15.3%
    • Key operators include Pioneer, Hibernia, Driftwood, & Henry
      • Recent leasing to spur dev. activity
  • 76 PUD Locations; Footprint Only 30% Developed
    • Significant remaining locations and
      anticipated lease bonus offer material
      medium-term growth and longevity
      over asset life
      • 3P PV10: $91MM ($241MM PV0)(1)
      • 3P Net Reserves: 6.4 MMBoe
    • Operators actively extending Wolfcamp A & B development across and beyond Seller’s position
      • Three Wolfcamp targets (WCA,
        WCB Upper, WCB Lower) offer
        >100% avg. IRR

Bids are due on June 7. For complete due diligence information, please visit or email Melinda Faust, managing director, at