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M3 Helium has retained EnergyNet for the sale of a Hugoton play opportunity with right to participate in a helium/natural gas/ liquids drilling program in Finney and Haskell Counties, Kansas. The Lot# 108219 package includes accessible commercial infrastructure and pipelines.

M3 Helium
(Source: EnergyNet)

Opportunity highlights:

Offering the right to co-invest in a Helium/Gas/Liquids Exploration Company, in its development of the accompanying assets and rights, along with an option to acquire non-operating working interest positions in its assets.

  • Key Strengths:
    • Access to the largest gas field in the U.S.
    • Accessible commercial Infrastructure and pipelines to existing processing plants
    • % Helium .5% - 1.5% across exploration targets
    • Years of historical production data from >7,000 existing wells
  • Hugoton East Play:
    • 43% IRR over 14 Years net fees and Royalties
    • M3 Helium will have the power to select drill sites for the farmout wells on an area of ~192,000 acres (300 Sections)
    • $550 / MCF Gross Helium contract rate
    • 50-well development plan:
      • ~$350K average well completion cost
      • ~45 days SPUD to Sales
      • < 3,000' well depth
      • Low line pressure
      • SWD in place
      • 1-Owned, 49 via Farmout agreement
    • 50-well 30-Year farmout forecast:
      • .8 BCFG on average per analogous well
      • Helium 280 MMCF Production

Bids are due Nov. 7, 2023, at 4:00 PM CST. For complete due diligence information on this property, please visit or email Cody Felton, managing director, at