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Camino Natural Resources retained Detring Energy Advisors to market for sale certain of its oil and gas leasehold, producing properties and related assets located in the western SCOOP/STACK of the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma.

The assets offer an attractive opportunity, according to Detring, to acquire a robust, stable production base with a balanced product mix and long-term cash flow bolstered by attractive operating margins. Additionally, the offering includes a substantial, diversified operated and nonoperated working interest position primed for development through a large inventory of Hoxbar locations identified across proven pay zones in Caddo and Grady counties.


  • Diversified Production Base of 6.3 MMcfe/d Generates $9MM in Net Cash Flow (next 12-month PDP)
    • Blended hydrocarbon stream comprised of 3.7 MMcf/d (gas), 180 bbl/d (oil), and 230 bbl/d (NGL) (~50% operated/~40% liquids)
      • PDP PV-10: $37.5 million
      • PDP Net Reserves: 4.5 million boe
      • PDP Well Count: 227 (42 horizontal wells)
      • Decline Rate: 9% (next 12-month PDP)
    • Sizeable base of predictable, high-margin cash flow
      • Realized pricing of $6.30/Mcfe generates netback of $4.20/Mcfe
  • ~17,000 Net Acres (51% Operated & 49% Nonoperated)
    • Large, diversified, operated and nonoperated footprint >99% HBP across multiple formations
    • Meaningful exposure to the well-delineated SOHOT trend area with access to proven locations
      • ~2,250 net acres (97% HBP)
    • Hydrocarbon flexibility with exposure to liquids-rich Marchand and gas-rich Medrano horizontal targets
  • Large Inventory of Low-Risk Horizontal Hoxbar Locations
    • The Hoxbar Group is a Pennsylvanian-Missourian series of stacked oil and gas-bearing sandstones and siltstones
    • Camino's acreage encompasses an area with ~3,000 ft of gross section, 550 ft+ net sand and seven stacked horizontal targets
      • Camino has successfully drilled wells in the Medrano and Marchand (upper, middle and lower)
    • 89 high-returning development locations across the Marchand and Medrano formations of the Hoxbar
      • 12 operated and 77 nonoperated
      • Robust performance generates >100% IRR and <12 month payback
    • Substantial 3P PV-10 of $80 million and net reserves of 14 million boe
      • Operated development locations provide >3x production uplift above current PDP
Detring Energy Advisors Marketed Map - Camino Natural Resources Midcontinent Hoxbar Development
(Source: Detring Energy Advisors)

Process Summary:

  • Evaluation materials available via the Virtual Data Room on Feb. 9
  • Bids are due March 9

For information visit or contact Melinda Faust at or 512-296-4653.