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Anadarko Minerals has retained EnergyNet for the sale of a Woodford Shale opportunity in Blaine County, Oklahoma. The lot# 115837 package includes 361 active offset producers.

Anadarko Minerals
(Source: EnergyNet)

Opportunity highlights:

  • Wellbore Only in DR 2-36-1XHW Well:
    • 14.05% WI / 10.54% NRI
    • Projected Formation: Woodford
    • Participation Cost: $2,056,252.77
  • Election to Participate is due 3/05/2024
  • Operator: Continental Resources, Inc.
  • 1 Offset Rig
  • 10 Offset Permits
    • New Drill: 1 Drilling | 4 DUC | 3 Permitted
    • Amended: 2 DUC
  • 361 Active Offset Producers
  • Select Offset Operators:
    • Devon Energy Production Co., L.P.
    • Tamworth Resources LLC
    • Unit Petroleum Company

Bids are due Feb. 29 at 4 p.m. CST. For complete due diligence, please visit, or email Ethan House, managing director, at or Jessica Scott, buyer relations, at