Energy storage provider LS Energy Solutions (LS) and solar storage company Strata Clean Energy (Strata) will be partnering for the first commercial deployment of LS’ AiON-ESS Energy Series all-in-one energy storage system, the companies announced in a June 8 press release.

LS will provide the AiON-ESS units and Strata will operate them to provide peak shaving services for a New England utility.

LS and Strata expect the utility’s customers will be able to use energy stored in the 12 AiON-ESS units, and avoid pulling power from the grid during peak demand. In addition, the project will allow Strata to take part in the ISO New England wholesale power market.

“The AiON-ESS Energy Series makes a great addition to our battery storage portfolio,” said Joshua Rogol, president of Strata. “Having an energy storage system that includes all components packaged into one containerized system benefits developers and utilities seeking a straightforward way to deploy energy storage. With the units supplied by LS Energy Solutions, we’re able to help our utility partner meet its clean energy goals and build a smarter grid.”

AiON-ESS Energy Series’s companion unit Power Series is already installed in New Jersey and Maryland. Both units provide AC energy storage solutions combining batteries from tier one suppliers, LS-ES’s modular string inverters and required cooling in a single containerized unit.