Demand for LNG has started to turn around, a leading industry executive said during a recent webinar, but over the long term, the industry may struggle with a lack of supply.

“I’m probably more bullish on the long term than I was before and actually a little bit anxious because we are about to go into a bit of a supply shortage for the next four-ish years,” Meg Gentle, president and CEO of Tellurian Inc., said during a webinar hosted by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. That’s because annual supply increases over the next four to five years will be significantly lower than the growth during the last four to five years.

“That’s going to happen at a time when the market is used to $2 [per million British thermal unit (MMBtu)] LNG and really trying to grow, displace coal and displace transportation fuels to bring cleaner air,” she said.

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