Software and digital solutions provider Kongsberg Digital announced on Sept. 6 that it named Shane McArdle CEO, effective immediately, according to a company press release.

Before becoming CEO, McArdle served as the company's head of digital energy, where he secured a leading global position in the market with an extensive customer and product portfolio.

“Shane McArdle is the right man in place to do that job”, chairman Thomas Borgen said in the release. “We are lucky to be in a position where great industry and leadership talents are already with us."

The week prior, former CEO Hege Skryseth left Kongsberg to pursue a role as Equinor's executive vice president for the technology, digital and innovation business area. The company carried out a widespread and detailed recruitment process to fill the role.

"McArdle has the professional weight and experience needed to scale up and take the company into the future," Borgen continued. "He also has the right energy and power to build strong teams and customer relationships, something he has proven over the years he has been with us.”

As CEO, McArdle intends to focus on "scaling quickly and rig the organization to transform the world's industries," growing the company's dedication to creating environmentally safe technology solutions, he said in the release.

"We have the leading position with many of our customer solutions," McArdle added. "We will keep exploring and developing smarter, safer and greener solutions for a better tomorrow."

“I have some of the world's most dedicated, creative and talented colleagues, and it will be a great honor to keep building the organization to solve some of the significant challenges the world is facing today,” he continued.