Statoil completed an extended-reach horizontal Bakken and a Three Forks producer from a common drillpad in Section 8-152n-98w in McKenzie County, N.D. The #1H Cheryl initially flowed 4.209 Mbbl of oil, 296 Mcm (10.461 MMcf) of gas and 3.189 Mbbl of water per day. Production is from a horizontal lateral in Middle Bakken extending from 3,523 m (11,558 ft) southeastward to 6,581 m (21,590 ft). It bottomed in Section 21-152n-98w, and the true vertical depth is 3,448.5 m (11,314 ft). It tested a 44⁄64-in. choke following 39-stage fracturing. The #6TFH Cheryl 17-20 was tested flowing 1.979 Mbbl of 46.1-degree-gravity oil, 134 Mcm (4.743 MMcf) of gas and 5.012 Mbbl of water per day from Three Forks. The 6,541-m (21,460-ft) well has a true vertical depth of 3,440 m (11,286 ft) and is producing from 3,561 m (11,684 ft) to 6,541 m after bottoming to the south in Section 20-152n-98w. It was tested on a 46⁄64-in. choke after a 38-stage fracture treatment.


Gran Tierra Energy reported drilling and completion results from two development wells in the Putumayo Basin in Colombia. The #5-Acordionero was completed and cased as a Lisama A and C producer, with 304 m (997 ft) of gross oil pay. An electric submersible pump was installed and is flowing 1.557 Mbbl/d of oil with a gas-oil ratio of 2.7 cu. m/bbl (98 cf/bbl) and 1% water-cut. Additional completion information has not been released. The rig is being moved to horizontally drill #7-Acordionero and will test Lisama A with a planned depth of 3,320 m (10,894 ft). In the PUT-7 Block the company completed exploratory well #1-Cumplidor in N Sands. It was drilled to 3,438 m (11,280 ft), and the true vertical depth is 2,865 m (9,399 ft). It hit 20 m (65 ft) of a gross interval in N Sands, with two sands having 10 m (34 ft) of interpreted net oil pay based on LWD. Logging also confirmed average porosities of 21%, with maximum porosities of up to 28%. The well has been cased, and additional testing is planned. The rig will be moved to drill #1-Alpha in the same block to test N Sands.


ExxonMobil Corp. reported results from appraisal well #3-Liza on offshore Guyana’s Stabroek Block. The estimated recoverable resources in the field will be in line with the previously predicted volume range from 800 MMboe to 1.4 Bboe. A development plan for the Liza Field has been submitted to Guyana’s Environmental Protection Agency for review. Two rigs are planned for development drilling, with production from an FPSO vessel capable of handling some 100 Mbbl/d of oil. Current expectations are that Liza will come onstream in 2020 to 2021.


IGas Energy has received permission to drill two exploratory tests in Misson Springs, North Nottinghamshire in East Midlands, England. One vertical well and one horizontal well are planned. The exploratory tests are targeting Bowland Shale as well as possible coalbed methane deposits for development in North Nottinghamshire. Partner in the development, Total, has a 40% stake in the license area PEDL 140. The exploration area is in the Gainsborough Trough.


Sound Energy Plc reported results from discovery #7-TE in eastern Morocco’s Tendrara license. The well was drilled to 3,459 m (11,348 ft) and is producing from an 837-m (2,746-ft) section in the TAGI reservoir, including a 700-m (2,296.5-ft) sub-horizontal section. During a flowtest on a 32⁄64-in. choke, it produced 249 Mcm/d (8.8 MMcf/d) of gas from an unstimulated openhole test of the first 28% of the gross reservoir interval. Sound Energy plans to perform a mechanical stimulation and well test of the entire sub-horizontal section, with an extended well test to confirm production sustainability and to aid field development planning. The company has a net effective interest of 27.5% in the Tendrara license.


An offshore Nigeria discovery has a potential recoverable resource of between 500 MMbbl and 1 Bbbl of oil. According to operator Exxon- Mobil Corp., the Owowo Field well, #3-Owowo, hit about 140 m (460 ft) of oil. The #3-Owowo extends the resource discovered by #2-Owowo, which encountered about 157 m (515 ft) of oil in a sandstone reservoir. The #3-Owowo was drilled to 3,173 m (10,410 ft) and is in 576 m (1,890 ft) of water in OPL 223.


In onshore Pakistan’s Khewari Block, Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd. hit gas at a site in the Sindh Province’s Khairpur District at exploration well #01-Mithri. It was drilled to 4,250 m (13,943.5 ft) and flowed 182 Mcm/d (6.44 MMcf/d) during testing on a 32⁄64-in. choke with a wellhead flowing pressure of 1,600 psi. Production is from the Lower Goru (Massive Sand).


In South Australia’s Cooper Basin Block PEL91 Beach Energy reported results from a Western Flank exploration well, #1-September. The exploratory well targeted Poolowanna oil in a structural closure within Namur Sandstone and tested the McKinlay Member, Birkhead and Poolowanna as secondary targets. The well intersected an 8-m (26-ft) gross interval with oil shows within Poolowanna. A drillstem test was performed between 1,928 m and 1,936 m (6,325 ft and 6,352 ft) and recovered 15.2 bbl of 42-degree-gravity API oil at a calculated flowrate of 210 bbl/d. It has been cased and suspended as a future oil producer. This discovery validates the Poolowanna as an additional exploration target within the PEL91 permit area. Review of the results is underway, and further production testing is planned to confirm the size of the resource. Further mapping of the Poolowanna oil play will occur in 2017, with potential appraisal and near-field exploration activities during 2018.

Papua New Guinea

InterOil Corp. is underway at appraisal well #7-Antelope in PRL 15 in Papua New Guinea. According to the company, the well is designed to provide structural control and reservoir definition on the field’s western flank. The proposed true vertical depth is 2,300 m (7,546 ft), and it is about 1.5 km (.93 mile) southwest of appraisal well #5-Antelope.

New Zealand

Preliminary test results were announced by TAG Oil Ltd. from the #1-Supplejack discovery well. The venture is in Block PEP57065 in the onshore Taranaki Basin on New Zealand’s North Island. During a production test the well flowed 198 Mcm/d (7 MMcf/d) and was constrained by surface facilities. Wellhead pressures during the test were sustained at more than 1,000 psi. The well was originally drilled in 2005 and was completed in an oil-bearing zone but was shut in after failing to produce commercial quantities—analysis of well logs identified a gas pay zone in an upper formation. Additional well testing is planned by the company.