Diversified Gas & Oil Plc (DGO) is an independent owner and operator of producing natural gas and oil wells concentrated in the Appalachian Basin. The company’s field operations are located throughout the neighboring states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Founded in 2001, the company has grown over the last few years. Co-founder and CEO, Rusty Hutson sat down with Jessica Morales at the recent DUG East conference and exhibition in Pittsburgh. Hutson said he believes the company’s business model has helped them become successful in a time of struggle for the industry. 

“I think it really has to do with the kind of business model that we have. We are really contrarian to the shale players. When they are focused on development and undeveloped acreage and those types of things, we are more focused on production and managing assets that they have considered to be noncore. We are focused on operating those assets, giving them time and attention and being efficient in the operations of them,” said Hutson. 

Hutson added the company isn’t just focused on gas and would consider adding other basins and oil to its portfolio.