The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)—which has jurisdiction over the siting, construction and operation of LNG export facilities in the U.S.—reported that 18 projects, or 32 Bcf/d of export capacity, have obtained approval but not yet been built.

The details were updated by FERC on Jan. 24, just two days before the Biden administration announced initiation of a process to update assessments to decide if new LNG export authorization requests to non-free trade agreement countries fell under the scope of the “public interest.”


Biden Administration Hits the Brake on New LNG Export Projects

A summary of the FERC updates on U.S. LNG terminals that are 1) existing (eight projects worth 14.43 Bcf/d in capacity); 2) approved not yet built (18 projects, 31.97 Bcf/d); and 3) proposed (six projects, 8.58 Bcf/d) are as follows:


1. Kenai, Arkansas: 0.2 Bcf/d (Trans-Foreland)

2. Sabine, Louisiana: 4.55 Bcf/d (Cheniere/Sabine Pass LNG –Trains 1-6)

3. Cove Point, Maryland: 0.79 Bcf/d (Dominion–Cove Point LNG)

4. Corpus Christi, Texas: 2.40 Bcf/d (Cheniere – Corpus Christi LNG Trains 1-3)

5. Hackberry, Louisiana: 2.06 Bcf/d (Sempra–Cameron LNG, Trains 1-3)

6. Elba Island, Georgia:0.35 Bcf/d (Southern LNG Company Units 1-10)

7. Freeport, Texas: 2.38 Bcf/d (Freeport LNG Dev/Freeport LNG Expansion/FLNG Liquefaction Trains 1-3)

8. Cameron Parish, Louisiana: 1.70 Bcf/d (Venture Global Calcasieu Pass Units 1-9)

Approved not yet built

FERC – Approved, under construction

1. Sabine Pass, Texas 2.57 Bcf/d (Exxon Mobil – Golden Pass) (CP14-517, CP20-459)

2. Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana:  3.32 Bcf/d (Venture Global Plaquemines) (CP17-66)

3. Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana: 3.81 Bcf/d (Driftwood LNG) (CP17-117)

4. Corpus Christi, Texas: 1.58 Bcf/d (Cheniere Corpus Christi Stage III) (CP18-512)

5. Port Arthur, Texas: 1.86 Bcf/d (Sempra - Port Arthur LNG Trains 1 & 2) (CP17-20)

6. Brownsville, Texas: 3.73 Bcf/d (Rio Grande LNG – NextDecade) (CP16-454)

7. Cameron Parish, Louisiana: 0.06 Bcf/d (Venture Global Calcasieu Pass) (CP15-550)

FERC – Approved, not under construction

1. Lake Charles, Louisiana: 2.27 Bcf/d (Lake Charles LNG) (CP14-120)

2. Lake Charles, Louisiana: 1.22 Bcf/d (Magnolia LNG) (CP14-347)

3. Hackberry, Louisiana:0.93 Bcf/d (Sempra - Cameron LNG Train 4) (CP15-560, CP22-41)

4. Freeport, Texas:  0.74 Bcf/d (Freeport LNG Dev Train 4) (CP17-470)

5. Pascagoula, Mississippi: 1.50 Bcf/d (Gulf LNG Liquefaction) (CP15-521)

6. Jacksonville, Florida: 0.13 Bcf/d (Eagle LNG Partners) (CP17-41)

7. Brownsville, Texas: 0.62 Bcf/d (Texas LNG Brownsville) (CP16-116)

8. Nikiski, Arkansas: 2.76 Bcf/d (Alaska Gasline) (CP17-178)

9. Cameron Parish, Louisiana:1.21 Bcf/d (Commonwealth LNG) (CP19-502)

10. Port Arthur, Texas: 1.86 Bcf/d (Sempra - Port Arthur LNG Trains 3 & 4) (CP20-55)

MARAD/USCG – Approved, not under construction

1. MC1. Gulf of Mexico: 1.8 Bcf/d (Delfin LNG)


Pending applications

1. Cameron Parish, Louisiana: 3.96 Bcf/d (Venture Global CP2 Blocks 1-9) (CP22-21)

2. Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana: 0.45 Bcf/d (Venture Global Plaquemines) (CP22-92)

3. Corpus Christi, Texas: 0.45 Bcf/d (Cheniere Corpus Christi Midscale Trains 8-9) (CP23-129)

4. Elba Island, Georgia: 0.06 Bcf/d (Elba Liquefaction Optimization Project) (CP23-375)

Projects in pre-filing

1. Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana: 2.76 Bcf/d (Delta LNG -Venture Global) (PF19-4)

2. Sabine, Louisiana: 0.9 Bcf/d (Cheniere/Sabine Pass – Stage 5 Expansion) (PF23-2)