Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: I’m Jaxon Caines, and this is Tech Trends with Hart Energy Live. I'm here at SPE’s Hydraulic Fracturing and Technology Conference with Todd Chuckry of Silixa to talk about their diagnostic measurement platform. So you guys focus on fiber optics and you have your Carina. Can you talk about what that is?

Todd Chuckry, business development manager, Silixa: All Silixa does and has done since its foundation in 2007, is fiber and fiber optic measurements, the design of the fiber optic cable, the interrogators, developing of the delivery tools to our oil and gas clients and just really growing on the platform that was created by its founders. The key to Silixa is our Constellation engineered fiber, which provides a 20 DB better signal to noise floor ratio. And it is the leading fiber in the oil and gas market today. That's really what separates us from the rest of the industry. We also develop and manufacture our own interrogators for internal use and in some cases they may be sold for specific type projects.

JC: Awesome. That's really interesting. You guys also have your permanent solution called DScover. Can you speak to us about that as well?

TC: We looked at creating a package and we called it DScover. So it includes our IDAS, (distributed acoustic sensing), DTS (distributed temperature sensing) and DSS (distributed strain sensing). So we've taken the best of all of our product services and put them into this package that allows an operator to fully understand what's going on in their treatment from start to finish. And this is really what separates Silixa from the rest of the marketplace.

JC: That has been your Tech Trends with Hart Energy Live. Each week, drill into the tech that fuels the oil patch at hartenergy.com/ep.