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Jordan Soto, Hart Energy Staff: The night is just getting started with Hart Energy Live, our 50th anniversary and Hall of Fame event. We have a lot of Hall of Famers here today. Joining us is Ken Waits, CEO [of] Mewbourne Oil Co. Thank you so much for being here.

Ken Waits: Well, you're welcome. It's a privilege to be here. It's a wonderful evening. There are so many legends that are being honored here tonight. Gentlemen, like Harold Hamm and George Mitchell and my mentor and the gentleman I work for, Curtis Mewbourne. And when I think of oil men and just great men, I think of gentlemen like them who were very successful at the business, who were very generous and have given back to the industry, just leaders in our industry that have set a very high bar for my generation and the generation to follow. And I think it's just outstanding that you all have chosen to honor them, and their legacy will live on. And so it's just a real privilege to be here tonight.

JS: As you see the energy industry transforming, how do you see that playing out with the balance of the energy transition as well as fossil fuels?

KW: Well, that's a great question and certainly it's at the forefront of everything we're doing these days, and we just finished up the COP28 summit, but I'm convinced we can find a balance between climate change and environmental concerns and providing affordable, reliable, secure oil and gas. The industry has made great strides in reducing our environmental footprint. I think we can continue to do that. We have a ways to go, but this industry is full of amazing, talented, innovative people, and I think we'll be the ones that lead the way. And what I believe is not an energy transition, but an energy addition. We're going to need all sources of energy, renewables, nuclear, oil and gas as well. And so, I still think there's an opportunity for young people in this business.

JS: Thank you so much, Ken, for taking the time. Enjoy the evening. Our 50th anniversary and Hall of Fame event continues on.