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Jordan Soto, Hart Energy Staff: We're here for Hart Energy LIVE's 50th anniversary and Hall of Fame celebration. So many hall of famers here today. It's a momentous evening and occasion for the energy industry as well as Hart Energy. With us right now is Chris Kendall, former CEO of Denbury. Thank you so much for being here today.

Chris Kendall, former CEO, Denbury: First of all, thanks for having me. I'm just honored to be here looking around this room, being with so many great leaders from our industry over so many years, it's just an honor to be in the room.

JS: What's the enduring legacy of the honorees and hall of famers that Hart Energy has recognized?

CK: When I think about who's being honored here, I just see men and women who have taken risks, who have gone against conventional knowledge, who believed in something and chased after it and made it happen. And to me, that's just inspiring to all of us, and it just shows us how we can be in the future and how we should think and what we can potentially accomplish.

JS: Absolutely. And there have been so many people who've just paved the way for the industry as a whole. So what advice, energy industry wise, would you give to young people and Hart Energy readers?

CK: For young people, it's a really interesting time because they hear a lot of different things from a lot of different places, and I think there's a real question of what does the energy industry need? And so my advice to those that are coming in or thinking about coming into the industry is to keep an open mind. You are going to have all kinds of advice from different aspects, but keep an open mind, do your own reading, do your own work, make your own decisions, and that'll help guide your path into this really amazing industry.

JS: And this industry has so much future ahead of it.

CK: It absolutely does. It has a future. Every way I look at it. Energy is vital to our entire civilization and where that comes from, how it's delivered, how its carbon footprint is managed. Those are all the challenges that we have in front of us and to me, it's exciting for me at this point in my career. It's very exciting to think about those who are just entering a career in this industry,

JS: And we look forward to that future of the energy industry. Thank you for your part in it, Chris. This is Hart Energy LIVE's 50th anniversary Hall of Fame celebration.