Here we are at the end of what is sure to go down in history as perhaps the most challenging year for oil and gas. To be sure, the industry’s troubles are just a fraction of what ails the world right now as we continue to battle through the global COVID-19 pandemic. But we’re talking shop here, so I’ll just stick to the path ahead for oil and gas.

While little is certain in the industry for 2021 and beyond, one thing we do know is there won’t be success without collaboration and innovation. If 2020 has taught us anything, going it alone is a dangerous game to play. Luckily, there’s no need to isolate when the technology that makes for better efficiency and profitability is readily available.

That was the theme of a panel I was invited to moderate for Schlumberger’s recent virtual conference. I had the opportunity to chat with Schlumberger’s Hinda Gharbi, executive vice president, services and equipment, and Khaled Al Mogharbel, executive vice president, geographies, about the new way of life for oil and gas fields around the globe. What became most apparent to me during our conversation is that producers must find ways to hasten the move toward a more efficient and profitable operation, and service providers are able to make those happen through digitalization.

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