EE North America (EENA), a developer of renewable energy and power-to-X projects, partnered with Montauk Renewables Inc. to transform biogenic CO2 into e-methanol, providing shippers with a cleaner fuel option.

The companies signed a contract for the delivery of 140,000 tons per year of biogenic CO2, according to a Feb. 14 news release. As part of the agreement, Montauk will capture, clean and liquify CO2 at select Texas facilities and truck it to EENA’s e-methanol facility in Texas. At the Texas facility, the liquified CO2 will be synthesized with green hydrogen to create e-methanol.

“As we pioneer the clean energy transition, it’s imperative to forge alliances that drive real change,” said EENA CEO Lorena Ciciriello. “Our collaboration with Montauk is more than a transaction; it's a shared commitment to a sustainable future.”

In addition to serving as a cleaner fuel option for the shipping industry, EENA said the e-methanol can be used as a raw material for sustainable green plastics. Plus, it can be blended with traditional fossil fuels for use by heavy-duty vehicles.

“This endeavor is more than revenue generation and diversification, it is forging a relationship to actively fight against climate change,” Montauk CEO Sean McClain said.