As the global workforce navigates the many challenges of operating remotely amid the COVID-19 outbreak, professionals are seeking opportunities to connect with their colleagues and continue to make progress on their projects. One such way that offshore exploration and production companies are overcoming this challenge is through the use of cloud-based software or cloud computing that helps track individual activity and contributions to highly collaborative projects with many moving parts.

FutureOn’s collaborative data visualization platform for subsea environments brings together the data, applications and workflows of the offshore oil and gas industry, in context within a cohesive digital experience. The platform aids companies in accelerating their net present value (NPV), reducing time to first oil and increasing their engineering efficiency. By encouraging cross-disciplinary teamwork on a single dataset, FutureOn is proving to give increased connectivity across information and functional silos, as engineering teams work together remotely.

As operators have increasingly realized that their software solutions must be interoperable, FutureOn has deployed top-tier software engineers and experienced leadership to work with oil and gas professionals to quickly develop effective integrations to industry-standard software. FieldAP and the FieldTwin platform are the result of a collaborative development process between the core software engineering team in Oslo, Norway and its oil and gas industry customers over nearly two decades.

As recent world events have dramatically increased the necessity to support teams who work remotely, concurrently, and effectively with dislocated information and data, FutureOn’s clients have realized the utility of the FieldTwin platform. Bringing together disciplines, roles, and functions both internally and externally—working digitally with the same single source of truth—the digital twin of the field is more relevant than ever. By enabling digital conversations and improving decision-making times FieldTwin is helping its customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

FutureOn offers a data visualization platform that is revolutionizing workflows by providing greater collaboration for subsea oil and gas companies when designing, developing and operating offshore fields. FieldTwin reduces cognitive switching costs for its users by providing a single interface to multiple tools, previously siloed information, and normalized formats. The platform allows for teams working remotely to remain highly informed and effective without the need for colocation.

FieldAP is the collaborative digital visualization platform that is the building block for FutureOn’s FieldTwin, a full life of field solution. FieldTwin holds a key role in providing efficient and effective collaboration between internal and external silos.

FutureOn is seeking to establish its digital platform—FieldTwin—as the industry standard for oilfield visualization software since it can bring all of its data, applications and workflows together in context within a cohesive digital experience. Already 10 out of the 25 major operators are using FieldTwin.

Other in-house solutions, visualization platforms and computer-aided design (CAD) based platforms are not able to collaborate digitally with different workstreams and are unique to one service provider, which also acts as a barrier for greater collaboration. Forward-thinking companies understand the tremendous benefits of collaboration and how they can gain a competitive advantage as well as deliver greater value from their significant investments offshore.

As industry leaders and investors seek risk-averse opportunities, they are turning to the offshore sector and working to incorporate digital innovations into their business strategies. Newer technologies and innovations are needed to succeed in today’s increasingly challenging market and the new, more complex regions where simple extraction is not possible. FieldTwin breaks through the communication and data sharing barriers to support decision making across the entire lifecycle of a project.