Energy producer and supplier Constellation Energy Corp. is providing hourly carbon-free energy matching for Microsoft Corp.’s data center in Boydton, Virginia, the company said in a June 29 press release.

Microsoft said it wants to eventually operate the center on 100% carbon-free electricity around the clock. Constellation brings the software company closer to the goal by providing up to 35% in environmental attributes from nuclear power, along with the company’s wind and solar power sources.

Microsoft, one of Constellation’s first customers to use its hourly carbon-free energy matching platform, will track the performance and environmental results from using Constellation’s regional energy around the clock, according to the release.

Constellation’s matching platform guarantees clean, carbon-free power is used, rather than using power produced elsewhere and at a different time, without a guarantee of carbon-free power or incentives to track down clean power generation.

“Constellation and Microsoft have been working collaboratively for several years to pioneer this technology, so it is fitting that Microsoft is one of our first hourly CFE matching customers,” said Jim McHugh, Constellation’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer. “We are confident this agreement will demonstrate the value and impact of hourly matching in the fight to address the climate crisis.”

Constellation’s annual output is almost 90% carbon-free and its hydro, wind and solar facilities and nuclear fleet can power the equivalent of 15 million homes, providing around 10% of the U.S.’ clean energy.