Brazilian state-run oil company Petrobras significantly increased the amount of carbon dioxide it reinjected into its offshore oilfields in 2021, a major step forward in the firm's emission-reduction goals.

According to a release provided by Petrobras, formally Petroleo Brasileiro SA, the company re-injected 6.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide produced in the oil extraction process from January through September, using an advanced method called carbon capture, utilization and storage, or CCUS.

That is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide reinjected by the firm in all of 2020.

Petrobras described its CCUS program as the world's largest, saying its operations account for 19% of all carbon dioxide reinjected into oilfields using the technology.

The company has reinjected 28.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide since 2008, it said. It has previously announced a goal of reaching 40 million tonnes of CO2 re-injected by 2025.