BP is opening a new electric vehicle (EV) charging site at its BP America headquarters in Houston, the company said in a March 20 press release.

BP said the Gigahub, expected to open on March 20, will offer 24 “high-speed” EV charge points with Tritium 150 kW DC fast chargers. The chargers will be integrated with the BP pulse app, allowing users to “locate the site, access real-time charging availability and connect to Wi-Fi,” according to the release.

BP’s new pulse station is the first branded Gigahub in the U.S. and will be open to the public on April 2, the company said.

BP pulse aims to continue deploying additional charging points in locations such as airports, major metropolitan areas and BP-owned properties across the U.S.

In February 2023, BP announced plans to invest $1 billion toward U.S. EV charging infrastructure by 2030, with $500 million invested by the end of 2025.

"As we expand our global footprint, I am thrilled to unveil our first EV charging Gigahub in the US. With leading fast charging positions already in key markets in the UK, China, and Germany, we're learning about customer charging preferences on the go,” said Emma Delaney, BP executive vice president for customers and products.