Bloom Energy has installed the first phase of a 10 megawatt solid oxide fuel cell contract with Unimicron Technology Corp.

“Bloom Energy is excited to have our first system operating in Taiwan,” Tim Schweikert, Bloom Energy’s Head of Global Sales said in a press release. “The project demonstrates our ability to quickly deliver power solutions to customers that need immediate power.”

The space-saving Energy Server™ installation was delivered within five months from order and commissioned within three weeks from delivery at a Unimicron plant on a platform over existing scooter and motor bike parking, with minimal disruption.

Bloom’s energy platform can be configured to create a microgrid that can operate alongside an electricity grid, or independently. The space saving design allows for scalability as customer operations grow and require more power, and when powered by a fuel source with an underground pipeline system, such as natural gas, they are less susceptible to the impacts of extreme weather. This enables safe, continuous operation and avoiding the costly consequences of unplanned downtime. Bloom’s technology provides clean, reliable power to Unimicron’s clean rooms and mission-critical operations.

“The installation of Bloom Energy’s 600 kilowatt solid oxide fuel cell power generation system went very smoothly,” said Dave Yang, Senior Vice President of Unimicron Technology. “The spirit of the contract has been 100% achieved in terms of project management, power generation efficiency, equipment availability and safety.”