In collaboration with BP, Baker Hughes’ emissions abatement technology, flare.IQ, is quantifying methane emissions from its flares in a new application for the upstream oil and gas sector, the company announced March 14.

With no universally accepted solution to quantifying methane emissions from flares, BP and Baker Hughes conducted one of the largest ever full-scale studies of flare combustion, including testing a range of flares under challenging conditions and verifying the accuracy of flare.IQ technology. 

Part of Baker Hughes’ Panametrics product line portfolio, flare.IQ uses advanced analytics to pull critical information such as temperature, pressure, vent gas velocities and gas composition from its flare systems to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize emissions.

Now, acting on real-time data from flare.IQ at 65 flares across seven regions, BP can carry out early interventions and reduce emissions from flaring.