Danish renewable energy company Ammongas installed a biogas upgrading facility at Allen Farms in New York, according to a Nov. 16 press release.

The unit is capable of transforming waste from locally sourced agricultural residues into nearly 4 MMcm of biomethane annually. Biomethane, a clean energy source, can play a role in heating homes and businesses throughout the neighboring communities, according to Ammongas.

The facility operates by purifying biogas — a mixture of methane and CO2 — sourced from the biogas plant. The process “effectively” removes CO2, ensuring the product is at least 98% pure biomethane.

The biomethane is then compressed, dried and analyzed for purity before being supplied to clients.

The facility is the first in a series of four planned for development by Cayuga RNG Holdings — a joint venture of UGI Energy Services, according to the release.