The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) is being held Nov. 12-15 in Abu Dhabi. ADIPEC is “a world-class business forum where oil and gas professionals convene to engage in dialogue, create partnerships, do business, and identify solutions and strategies that will shape the industry for the years ahead,” according to the conference website.

The event features about 2,200 exhibiting companies, 980 expert speakers, 161 conference sessions and more than 110,000 attendees. The following is a sampling of some of the latest technologies that will be showcased at ADIPEC 2018.

Editor’s note: The copy herein is contributed from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy.

Platform provides 24/7 online access to API standards

At ADIPEC 2018 the American Petroleum Institute (API) will be showcasing API Compass, a platform that incorporates the latest technology to give companies organizationwide, 24/7 access to all API standards and specifications. API standards help ensure safety, compliance and interoperability. A subscription to API Compass offers powerful workflow tools, allowing users to annotate on the fly plus compare versions easily. An enhanced search feature allows users to find the information they need quickly and effectively. Clients also may get customized sets of standards and access both the HTML and PDF versions. The ability to share a standard, cite it, then link it back to the company intranet is a valuable feature. API’s clients also benefit from automated notifications of new and revised standards with the ability to access API standards remotely. API Compass is designed to deliver reliability and efficiency, saving organizations both time and money.

System eliminates traditional process of shaking fluids from drilled solids

Cubility AS will be showcasing the latest evolution of its solids control solution, the MudCube, at ADIPEC 2018. The MudCube is a compact, lightweight solids control system that eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluids from drilled solids. The system uses a combination of high airflow and a rotating screen filtration system to improve separation efficiency, allowing more drilling fluid to be recycled and resulting in dryer cuttings and less waste. Building on these capabilities, the MudCube X comes with an enhanced modular design for easier integration into rig designs and fast installation and maintenance, ensuring immediate value and return on investment to Middle East operators and drilling contractors. The MudCube X also is engineered to allow local manufacturing and assembly in Gulf Cooperation Council countries, providing customized solutions that directly address Middle East needs.

Perforating gun system breaks up into small fragments upon detonation

This year DynaEnergetics will be introducing the Fragmenting Gun System at ADIPEC 2018. This nonretrievable perforating gun system was designed in collaboration with Shell. It features encapsulated charges tested to 15,000 psi. The system is designed to fragment or break up into small pieces upon detonation of the perforating charges. The debris then settles to and remains on the bottom of the wellbore or sump. This new technology provides multiple benefits, from cost savings in drilling time to better production by utilizing charges with higher explosive loads. With no need for extra sump since the gun breaks into small pieces, the drilling time can be shortened by hours or days. Also, in thru-tubing applications where there are restrictions in the tubing, the system can be deployed without the worry of gun swell since the gun fragments upon detonation.

New rotary steerable system drills fast, increases reliability

Halliburton Co. will be showcasing the iCruise intelligent rotary steerable system, a new technology that provides operators with automated drilling commands and realtime directional data to optimize decision-making to reduce rig time and save costs. The iCruise system provides some of the highest mechanical specifications available that deliver 400 rpm and up to 18 degrees/30 m (100 ft) dogleg capabilities to drill fast while delivering greater accuracy. In North America it helped an operator drill more than 1.6 km (1 mile) in a complex reservoir while geosteering through a 9-m (30-ft) productive zone and maintained the wellbore 100% in the reservoir. Additionally, the Prodigi AB service is a first-of-its-kind offering that introduces automation to hydraulic fracturing. By automating the breakdown process of a fracturing treatment, it helps deliver better well performance. The service uses algorithmic controls and is supported by a Halliburton completion adviser who tunes the system to optimize performance. Prodigi AB service improves overall efficiency, maximizes the performance of perforation clusters and mitigates the risk of screenout. It also provides consistent design execution, better distribution of fluid across the perforated interval and improved treatment pressures.

Better way to design, manage projects

Using project life-cycle management of projects more effectively is a key area in which McDermott has invested its digitalization efforts. The company is adapting this technology from the manufacturing sector and applying it to the capital project space. Instead of trying to manage an engineering, procurement, construction and installation project by sending emails with specifications and engineering drawings and using disconnected tools to execute engineering, McDermott’s approach has been the development of Gemini XD and the use of integrated engineering software. This is an advanced software platform that improves efficiency and productivity throughout the project life cycle. The platform enables McDermott to digitalize and standardize its processes, share information across the project team efficiently and drive down costs by shortening communication lines and bringing together engineering information into a single location. The key advantages are the ease of transparency and better collaboration on a project leading to digital project delivery. This enables working with the user in a digital fashion, cutting down on emails and the time it takes to close actions. The platform becomes the single source of truth not only for the project but also for post-handover operations.

New drillbit designed for drilling challenges in Middle East

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has launched the SAQR drillbit, a new premium fixed-cutter drillbit product line from the ReedHycalog division specifically designed for the drilling challenges of the Middle East. The drillbit, whose name is Arabic for “falcon,” was developed using a specialized design tool that models heat generation and removal on PDC cutters while drilling, considering the effect of formation properties, cutting structure layout and hydraulics design. The SAQR drillbit incorporates smart sensing technologies to help operators better understand drilling dynamics at the bit, reducing the learning curve in each application. SAQR bits also incorporate NOV’s ION line of cutters, with unique-shaped geometries designed to improve ROP and drilling efficiency in harsh Middle East applications. In addition, superior depth-of-cut control components reduce risk of torsional oscillations.

Solutions for asset integrity challenges

Oceaneering provides comprehensive, field-proven solutions that enable better decision-making, focused spending and increased safety for all asset integrity challenges, including advanced and conventional nondestructive testing inspection technologies, integrity engineering services and inspection management. Oceaneering solves pipeline challenges safely and fast, providing the engineering and hardware required to address issues from minor defects to catastrophic failures. At ADIPEC 2018 the company will feature its Smart Flange Plus Connectors, which seal against the pipeline or riser to enable the safe completion of permanent subsea repairs, providing a robust, structural connection point. Avoid costly shutdowns and expensive hyperbaric welding with the Smart Tap Clamp for damaged or leaking pipelines, installable with or without a diver. The lightweight and portable Quantitative Short Range guided wave tool for identification of corrosion under pipe supports will be on display along with the permanently installed Wireless Ultrasonic System, which is battery-free, for condition monitoring.

Mixing technology increases process flow momentum through annular restriction

At ADIPEC 2018 ProSep will have a technology focus on its proprietary Annular Injection Mixer (AIM). The AIM is a compact, in-line mixing technology that increases the process flow momentum through an annular restriction. The technology injects admixture—corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, demulsifier, water, glycol, etc.—around the annular restriction to take advantage of the increased momentum, thus applying energy and shear forces to the complete fluid flow. A small stepped opening, along with a gradual return to initial pipe diameter, creates a dispersion force and intense mixing action that subsequently provides enhanced mass transfer between the process fluid and admixtures. This typically results in almost 100% utilization of the admixture for mass transfer or thermal quenching. Recently, ProSep has developed the AIM technology through a series of joint testing programs, along with computational flow dynamic modeling, that demonstrated the mixer’s ability to provide about 100% mass transfer of water from natural gas into glycols (dehydration); create 100% heat transfer and quenching during wash water or caustic injection (corrosion prevention); and demonstrate 100% heat transfer and evaporation during admixture injection into a gas (thermal equilibrium).

Chemical tracer and wireless technologies improve efficiency

RESMAN AS will be highlighting its chemical tracer and wireless technologies at ADIPEC 2018. The technology provides operators with zone-specific well production data and production trends for use in production optimization and continuous well performance evaluation, and it enables Middle East operators to monitor their reservoirs for up to 10 years without intervention risks and costs. With RESMAN, small amounts of chemical tracers are released continuously in different zones of the well. Through analyzing samples taken over a period of time (e.g., one sample every week), it is then possible to determine zone-specific production trends and water breakthrough events and to verify that the well has sufficient drawdown pressure. Consequently, the tracers add a zonal resolution to the well production data for targeted well performance assessment and operational decisions. To date, RESMAN’s technologies have been adopted by 52 oil operators worldwide in more than 485 production wells.

Well testing live performance system digitally integrates all process information

At ADIPEC 2018 Schlumberger will be introducing its Concert well testing live performance to bring real-time transparency, collaboration and accessibility to well testing, cleanup and production testing operations. This information-centric system digitally integrates all process information via ruggedized tablets, wearable technology, wireless sensors and video cameras. Efficiency, safety and the environmental footprint are improved while ultimately confirming both data quality and whether test objectives have been met. Concert performance’s in-line monitoring, data collection and analysis, quality control, real-time reporting and global communications capabilities have been extensively field tested in Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Robust software drives web dashboards and video displays across the well testing team, remote operations center and customer offices. Interactivity gives all involved the same data, diagnostics and analysis. Data quality and usability are increased, and in turn, personnel exposure and the need for manual measurements are significantly reduced.

Increasing sand control reliability and maintaining injectivity

To address the challenge of sandface injection flow control, Tendeka has developed Cascade3, a new well screen, flow control completion system that utilizes intrinsic check-valves to prevent any backflow or cross-flow during shut-ins. Depending on well conditions, it also limits the damaging effects of water-hammer. As part of a threeyear R&D program, a field trial was conducted with a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) to improve performance on water injection wells, which had suffered severe loss of injectivity within a short period of completion. A Permian Basin saltwater disposal (SWD) well was used to test several aspects of functionality using multiple downhole memory gauges to record pressures at reservoir depth. The SWD well has been put on fulltime water disposal duty for several months. Plans are in progress for the implementation of Cascade3 in an injector well on a deepwater GoM asset.

Water management solution lowers costs

Shale operations are dealing with higher water management costs and more environmental and operational risks than ever before, both of which are becoming an increasingly larger part of operators’ costs. Sourcing freshwater and increasing volumes of sand flowback and produced water, which are often trucked out and disposed, are the primary cause. Addressing these challenges in an environmentally responsible way frequently requires adding more services and personnel at each site. TETRA Technologies’ water management solution delivers innovative and differentiating offerings for produced water transfer, de-sanding and on-the-fly water treatment and recycling. By integrating and automating the company’s offerings, efficiency is maximized through job planning and crew optimization, helping reduce manpower for a typical fully integrated completion operation by more than 30%. The step change in efficiency is delivered through fully automated technology that provides greater transparency and quality control throughout the transfer, flowback and recycling of produced water—all while simultaneously improving environmental considerations.

Operating in the most extreme environments

At ADIPEC 2018 TUBACEX will be presenting TUBACOAT, a unique application to fight against corrosion. The TUBACEX Group has become a full-service supplier offering advanced stainless steel solutions. As part of its strategy toward integrated tubular solutions, TUBACEX has launched new lines of action in R&D to develop added-value proposals, in particular in applications with a high technology component. TUBACOAT provides a longer life cycle to the refining petrochemical processing units, improving product surface properties as well as thermal insulation, to obtain higher energy-efficiency and savings as a result. TUBACOAT offers a reliable solution to fight against corrosion, capable of operating in the most extreme environments.

Self-orienting tools aid completion string running

Varel’s Downhole Products will be showcasing a new family of completion string deployment technologies that provide simple, self-orienting solutions to common wellbore running problems. The LedgeRunner, Free-To-Rotate (FTR) and Lock-Rotate-Lock (LRL) guide shoe products aid the smooth running and installation of completion strings to total depth in challenging wellbore geometries. The self-orientating technology avoids problematic string rotation that can compromise completion-running operations in challenging extendedreach and lateral wells. The tools improve the ability to reach total depth by self-orienting the string to run past obstructions. LedgeRunner uses mechanical ratchet technology to navigate an eccentric nose past wellbore obstructions by applying minimum pickup and slack-off at the surface. FTR and LRL products use self-orientation of an eccentric nose without additional string intervention.

Automated connection integrity tool mitigates safety concerns

Weatherford has introduced Vero automated connection integrity, a new solution that goes beyond tubular running onshore and offshore. This world-first tool combines autonomous software and automated technology for the makeup and evaluation of casing and completion connections. By applying intelligence to eliminate human errors or oversights, the technology enhances safety, increases efficiency and validates well integrity with absolute certainty. Automated makeup technology takes control during makeup and breakout. With smooth, computer-controlled precision, the technology delivers consistent results while eliminating the effect of human factors on the connection. Autonomous evaluation software serves as the brains during the process. The built-in software evaluates the makeup to the original equipment manufacturer criteria with unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Program provides on-demand iron rental, asset management

Through its Weir Edge Services program, operators in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and the Caspian region can enjoy the ease and flexibility of on-demand iron rental, asset management and recertification of flow iron from all original equipment manufacturers. Weir offers 20,000 pieces of iron for immediate shipment to positively impact operators’ supply chains and asset management functions. Weir ships tested, certified equipment on demand, including pieces not normally stocked, to provide complete asset management and uninterrupted supply chain support. With Weir Edge, skilled engineers resolve any root cause of downtime, and equipment is returned to the field like new, backed by a guarantee. Weir’s RFID AMP technology underpins this new offering, providing service and recertification in any facility with its mobile recertification and pressure testing units.

Water-based fluid can be injected into the freeze zone

Wild Well Control Inc., a Superior Energy Services company, now provides a fluid for when liquid hydrocarbons are present. Wild Well’s newly developed FreezeLITE, a special water-based fluid, can be injected into the freeze zone. The fluid will displace hydrocarbon-based fluids and stay suspended in the freeze zone above the hydrocarbon-based fluid. FreezeLITE is designed to have low density so that it floats on the brine/methanol as well as any liquid hydrocarbon that might seep to the surface. Thus, a stable volume of easily freezable liquid would remain in the freeze zone. This allows a freeze to be put into effect without having to remove the hydrocarbon-based fluids in the well, which saves thousands of dollars in terms of product and time. FreezeLITE is nonhazardous and safe for onshore and offshore applications. As an effective medium for nitrogen freezing operations, FreezeLITE allows operators to perform successful freezing operations under a variety of circumstances in challenging wells.